Dr. Navdeep Gill

Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician

Welcome to Armstrong Urgent Care.  After 20 years of practice in emergency medicine, I realized there is a dire need for a true alternative to the emergency department.  Many times I have seen patients referred from urgent care facilities simply because the facility/doctor lacked the expertise to deal with the patient’s issue on the spot.

Most urgent cares are staffed with non-ER doctors or poorly supervised physician extenders (nurse practitioners or physician assistants). This results in a significant number of unnecessary ER referrals at great cost and inconvenience to the patient.

My vision for Armstrong Urgent Care is to have a facility staffed by Emergency Physicians and well-supervised physician extenders, equipped with technology that, when correctly utilized, can take care of the majority of urgent medical conditions in a safe, cost-effective manner.

I received my medical degree from Medical College of Wisconsin in 1997, followed by residency training in emergency medicine in Fresno, and have practiced at St. Agnes Medical Center since 2006.  I’m board certified in emergency medicine, and have a second sub-specialty board certification in hospice and palliative care medicine.

I live and work in Fresno.  My wife is an internal medicine doctor and we have three beautiful daughters.  I love spending time with family, cycling, and exploring California.