What Do We Treat?

A lot.  In fact, we treat just about everything outside of severe life threatening emergencies.

Some Common Injuries and Illnesses We Treat:

Coughs / Cold / Flu / Sore ThroatDehydration
Allergies / Asthma / COPD (breathing treatments)Rashes
Abdominal PainSkin Infections
MigrainesNosebleed (including cautery)
Burns / Bites / StingsLacerations (Cuts)
STD Testing & TreatmentAbscess Drainage (including throat)
Kidney Stones / InfectionsForeign Body Removal from Eyes / Nose / Ears
Pregnancy Related Issues / GYN ComplaintsFracture Reduction / Splinting
PalpitationsJoint Dislocation Reduction
Bladder/Kidney InfectionsTemporary Nerve Blocks for Dental Pain
Sprains / Strains / Falls Updating tDap (tetanus, diptheria, & pertussis)
Minor Head InjuryEye Injuries /Eye Pressure Checks (glaucoma)
Nausea / Vomiting / DiarheaChanging Feeding Tubes or Catheters
IV Hydration (in certain cases)AND MORE…

When to head straight to ER

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, please go straight to the emergency room:

  • Severe incapacitating pain especially in the chest, abdomen, or head
  • Sudden inability to use or feel an arm or leg; sudden loss of vision or ability to speak;  this may signal a stroke – head to the ER right away
  • Severe bleeding
  • Severe Shortness of Breath
  • Multiple Seizures
  • Head injury resulting in persistent moderate to severe headache or persistent confusion; Head injury while using blood thinners